Pet Poisoning


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Prevent Pet Poisoning

Dogs and cats can be exposed to many poisons and toxins around the house and yard. With just a little precaution most cat and dog poisonings can be prevented with these pet poisoning prevention tips.

1. Prevent your pet from exposure to potential toxins.
2. Many plants, such as carnations, delphinium, ivy, morning glory, oleander, and phododendron, are toxic to animals. It is important to research the plants to which your pets will have access. Human medications can be deadly to pets. Make sure to always pick up dropped medications and keep track of how many pills you have left to ensure none are lost. Some pain medications like aspirin are deadly to cats.
3. Never leave household cleaning products where your pet can reach them.
4. Antifreeze tastes sweet to your pets but is deadly even in small amounts. Always clean up any that has spilled or leaked onto the ground.
What to do if you suspect poisoning in your pet.
1. Take the poisonous object out of your pet’s mouth.
2. Call the Pet Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6680, or call your Veterinarian immediately.
3. When you go to the Veterinarian always take the suspected poison with you.


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