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Tuolumne Veterinary,

has 37 years of experience in veterinary medicine.

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Our Services

Free Exams:

We offer free exams with new puppy's requiring vaccination to prevent Parvo and other diseases in
dogs and free exams for new kitten's requiring vacs for distemper and upper respiratory disease.  Many
puppy's and kitten's get this initial exam and vac's and worming for less than $50.00 and we are glad
to answer your pet related questions over the phone or at your visit for no charges.


Diagnostics such as digital X-rays and Internet consultations with Board Certified Surgeons, give us
instant answers to orthopedic problems and quality surgery for your pets bone or soft tissue surgical
needs.   We have the latest diagnostics available to diagnose infections and internal organ disease with
Idexx CBC and Blood Panel instruments, which give us results in minutes.  You no long have to wait
24 hour for results on your sick pets.

Our ultrasound capability allows us to see inside the abdomen for disease that may not be seen with x-ray or physical exam.  We are able to diagnose heart disease with a specific definitive diagnosis, which enables us to choose medications and treatment best suited for your pets' problem.  We can also diagnose abdominal disease with accurate and measured dimensions of each individual intra-abdominal organ allowing us to give the best treatment or surgery for your pets' condition.  Each ultrasound exam is reviewed by Board Certified Radiologists so you can be confident of it's accuracy.

Many times our older pets develop nodules or tumors.  We can biopsy these lumps and tell you whether
they need to be removed or if they are benign and can be left alone if surgery is not necessary. 
Many of these tests are not expensive and can be diagnosed during a short visit.

Laser Surgery & Therapy

We have been doing laser surgery for over 10 years. It is the best device for many general surgeries involving skin tumors, warts and eyelid problems. Also, we have a therapy laser that is used routinely for painful orthopedic problems such as back and ligament disease.


Our office is currently seeing many Cardiology cases.  We have Blood pressure equipment, EKG, Ultrasound,
and cardiac enzyme tests to diagnose these heart related problems common in our older patients
and some breeds.


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