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About Us

We at Tuolumne Veterinary Hospital make sure that we handle each situation that comes into the office gently and efficiently with the same loving tenderness we use on our own pets. From toe nail trims to emergency surgery your fur baby will get the exception love and care that they deserve.

Meet our Staff:

Dr. Alan Rubinstein

Dr. Alan Rubinstein Dr.Rubinstein graduated from University of Georgia, in 1977 with Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine with a focus on large and small animal reproduction and surgery. For 37 years, he has continued to develop and expand his expertise which now includes orthopedics and cosmetic surgery. He uses the latest techniques in laser surgery, which is particularly effective for the treatment of older pets because it is less stressful for the pet and almost pain free. Laser surgery is a vast improvement over the use of the scalpel which has been used for over 100 years.


Jason Henderson - Anaesthesia Veterinary/Nurse

JasonJason joined the practice in 2008. As a Anesthesia/Veterinary Nurse he has a remarkable talent. He coordinates the general operations and assists Dr. Rubinstein during surgeries. Jason is highly skilled in emergency situations, x-ray and the use of the latest generation of blood and serum equipment to diagnose internal problems in our pets. You can tell by the way the animals drag their owners into the office just how much they love Jason and how much he loves them in return..


Brian Thompson - Veterinary Nurse

Brian Thompson  - Veternary Technician

Brian joined the practice in 2019. His love for all of the animals that come into the office remarkable. He cuddles and eases the animals anxiety in the exam room while Dr. Rubinstein works on them. When Brian is not in the exam room helping out he is doing building improvements.


Jason Ramos - Veterinary Nurse

Jason Ramos - Veterinary Technician

Jay joined the practice in 2019 and helps out in all of the different aspects of the practice. He takes care of the animals and the kennels, fills medication prescriptions, helps in the exam room, and treats our laser therapy patients. Not a day goes by that you don't find Jay in the kennel area talking to the animals and giving them extra love and pets

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